Hi Kelly,
Happy Canada Day!
Hope you are well, hope the wedding plans are coming along nicely.
Wanted to let you know that your suggestions have worked and Alfie is a completely different dog these days. He started to improve almost instantly!
Thank you so much for your advice!
Vanessa Holding

In June of this year I responded to an advertisement in our local Bush Telegraph taking advantage of a �June Special� consultation being offered by Kelly Ramirez. Kelly is a certified dog trainer new to Australia from Canada. I wondered if a Canadian would know about our Australian Kelpies- let alone be able to help me with a rescue dog with serious anxiety issues. But what did I have to lose? Well curiously enough, Kelly knew quite a lot about this particular breed. As it turns out her own dog, Joey, brought out from Canada is a Kelpie cross and a rescue dog as well.

My name is Mary-Ann and I just briefly wanted to share with you my experience over the last month after having Kelly as my dog�s trainer. I found her professional approach to training quite refreshing and straight-forward. As the training is one on one, each session was �custom-made� to suit me and my dog�s particular needs. There was no battling for the instructors� attention that I had experienced previously in group situations and any questions I had were treated with consideration and addressed.
One of the most satisfying aspects after this experience is that I now have people stop me in the street and comment on how well behaved my dog is! Fancy that! And what did I have to lose? Well a couple of kilos as it turns out- the training is completely hands on and both Tricky and I are fitter as a result.
Now, I won�t pretend that all is perfect- the dog and I have a lot to work on, but you know what? I know now that a 4 year old dog can still learn, take on new challenges and succeed. Kelly has helped us achieve so much and has given me the confidence to continue on. Her expertise is focused on all the breeds, not just the working dogs, and I can highly recommend her. I wish her well in her endeavours here in Australia.
If you would like further information feel free to call me on: 0412-854343.
Mary-Ann Corry

Dear Kelly,
We would like to thank you for giving us the tools to train our very stubborn and independent minded dog.
Your very obvious understanding of a dog’s mind and infectious enthusiasm showed us that our dog is very receptive to proper handling and now we as dog owners need to develop the skills that you have demonstrated to us.
We highly recommend Kelly, and every new dog owner should spend some time with her.
Peter & Amanda Huuk